Here at Erasing Ink we love tattoos but understand that sometimes you may have regrets about some you've collected.

About Our Company

Based in the heart of Preston (Lancashire), we are a 10 minute walk from the Train station and Bus station, as well as low cost local parking facilities, some of which are *free* on Sundays. We may specialise in removing tattoos but we love them all the same.

Before modern laser techniques there were many different ways of removing unwanted ink. These methods included many unpleasant treatments such as salabrasion, excision and dermabrasion and these painful treatments almost certainly meant scarring of some kind.

Erasing Ink's purpose built clinic is situated in the same building as Idol Hands Tattoo Emporium, world renowned tattoo artist and cover up specialist Andy Voodoo.

Erasing Ink uses NHS approved Lynton Lasers to successfully fade and remove any unwanted tattoos. The majority of specialists agree that in some cases tattoos may not be entirely erased; this can be dependent upon various factors including the age of the tattoo and the skill with which the tattoo was applied - the more skilful the tattoo artist the easier it is to remove the tattoo (due to even distribution of ink). Many companies however will falsely guarantee a complete removal, here at Erasing Ink we will be honest with you from the start and give you the best possible advice and care.

At Erasing Ink all Laser Tattoo Removal treatments are performed with the Lynton Luminette Q. Lynton is the UK's leading supplier of aesthetic equipment to the medical, cosmetic and beauty industries. Formed from a buyout within the University of Manchester in 1994 Lynton has been manufacturing lasers for over 18 years - so you can be confident treatments are safe and effective. Lynton are an approved supplier on the NHS supply chain framework. This means you are always being treated with the safest, highest quality device on the market. We deliver exceptional clinical results in a safe, friendly environment.

All of our clinicians have received the highest standard of training including a Core of Knowledge Laser Qualification approved by the University of Manchester and the BMLA (British Medical Laser Association).

We pride ourselves on keeping our skills up to date by attending regular training sessions.

We Love tattoos


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